Jackpot Raiders - September 2021

Exclusive Jackpot Raiders Slot Review

Fans of iconic tomb raiders and lost arcs, are in for an epic adventure when they play Yggdrasil's Jackpot Raiders slot – a game that tops the chart when it comes to adventure and jackpot fun. Check out one of the top adventure games, with our full Jackpot Raiders slot review.

where to play Jackpot Raiders for real

where to play Jackpot Raiders for real

100% up to €100. Min deposit €10 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to €100 + 300 free spins
Receive Five Deposit Bonuses and 200 Free Spins!





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Jackpot Raiders Overview

Jackpot Raiders is another blockbusting jackpot slot, following in the tracks of the much-loved Ozwin's Jackpots, and Jackpot Express. Released in 2020, Jackpot Raiders slot is very interactive, replicating the them of some favourite arcade games through the years. The base game has a maximum payout as high as €164,000 on the max bet – but the slot also has five separate jackpots with expected drops ranging from €105 to €100,000. The slot shares its jackpot network with Jackpot Express, helping the jackpots regularly fall and rebuilt more quickly! With bets from €0.10 to €40 – Jackpot Raiders of every level, have the chance of a rewarding adventure.


Slot type

Jackpot Raiders slot has 20 paylines on a 5 x 3 reel layout. The slot has eight base game symbols, consisting of the Raider Bear, Raider Sam, Raider Hat, Raider Backpack – plus Heart, Spade, Clubs and Ace symbols. Payouts are awarded for spinning 3-5 of the same symbol on a payline, with Maps, Gems and Relic collections triggering the epic bonuses. Each spin you make, contributes 3.8% to the collective jackpot pools. This slot has a very immersive feeling – letting you track your progress as you quest towards the chance to trigger bonuses and Jackpot Free Spins!


RTP levels & base game payouts

The RTP of Jackpot Raiders slot is 96.3%, giving it fair returns as with all Yggdrasil games. The slot also has a low volatility rating of 27 (excluding the jackpots and random player decisions in the bonus game), helping to support value for money sessions. The base game hit rate of 28% means winning spins average out at just under three wins for every 10 rounds played. With bet levels ranging between €0.10 - €40 – Jackpot Raiders slot's base game payouts are directly related to your selected coin size, meaning a lot of variability in terms of your potential rewards. The eight base game symbols are the intrepid Raiders (Bear and Sam), Raider Hat, Raider Backpack and four classic card suit icons. Payouts range from x20 to x4000 your bet if you match five Sam symbols (€160,000 on the max bet). The bonus features and jackpots, can take your payouts to insane levels, if you get really lucky.


Bonus Rounds

When it comes to the bonus rounds in Jackpot Raiders slot, there's a lot of potential action to get to grips with – so check out the game's features before having a spin.

THE COMPASS is the first bonus that can help you on your way towards treasure (triggered by spinning-in x3 or more Scatter icons). You can also trigger the Compass via the Pick & Click Chest Game. This handy device rewards you with 10 Jackpot Free Spins, or the Treasure Hunt Bonus game. The SCATTER SYMBOL itself reward you with one of three rewards:

  • 3x Scatter symbols awards the compass
  • 4x Scatter symbols awards the compass + 1,000 coins
  • 5x Scatter symbols awards the compass + 10,000 coins

If you only manage to land 2x Scatters, you can still enjoy the PICK & CLICK CHEST GAME with the following prizes to try and find:

  • 20, 40, 80 coins
  • 10 Jackpot Free Spins
  • Treasure Hunt Bonus game
  • x1 random Map towards your Map collection

As you progress in your session of Jackpot Raiders slot, you can start your MAP COLLECTION – with five types of Maps to collect (one for each reel): Summit Shrine Map, Highland Gate Map, Jungle Ruins Map, Desert Tomb Map and Templar Grave Map. Collecting five-of-a-kind of Maps, gives you 10 Jackpot Free Spins with a starting Gem towards the reel's Jackpot collection. One interesting part of the Map bonus, is that the round is played with a coin value equal to the average size of all the best used to collect your Maps. In addition, all new players start the game with two free Summit Shrine Maps and one each the other Maps; your collection is also saved between sessions, meaning you don't need to start-over each time to try and trigger the jackpots! If you get really lucky and activate more than one of the five jackpots at the same time – the Jackpot Free Spins play out one by one. Collecting five Relics from the Treasure Hunt Bonus, triggers 10 SUNKEN CITY FREE SPINS with all lines loaded with x10 multiplier potential and one Gem towards each Jackpot collection.


The TREASURE HUNT BONUS GAME is triggered by the Compass – giving you the chance to play as Sam (better prizes when she opens a chest but more likely to fail) or Bear (Higher chance of getting the prize, but lower rewards). Each player can progress through three bonus levels, with increasing rewards for crossing the river and finding anything from x50 – x1800 coin rewards, plus Maps and Relics.


The JACKPOT FREE SPINS feature lines with x3 multiplier power, with the chance to win one of five Jackpots for matching x5 of the same Gem colour in a single Free Spin round. The Gems can be collected in all Free Spins modes but aren't saved between sessions. The five jackpots will always be at least the levels below:

  • Forgotten Jackpot - €40 (expected drop €105)
  • Rare Jackpot - €200 (expected drop €500)
  • Mythical Jackpot - €600 (expected drop €1,600)
  • Ancient Jackpot - €1,500 (expected drop €4,000)
  • Legendary Jackpot - €15,000 (expected drop €100,000)

Game Images

Quick Game Info

Release Date May 23, 2019
Default bet range €0.10 - €40
Number of Paylines 20
Default Bet €2.00
Game Type Video Slot
Def. Coin Value Range €0.005 - €2.00
Maximum Win 4000x / €164,000
Max RTP 96.3%
Volatility 24 (low) excluding jackpots

How To Play Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders has lots of bonus features and some simple elements of interactive bonuses, but the slot is still very easy to play. If you need some tips – our quick guides below will get your spinning, whether you're playing for fun or real money.


How to play Jackpot Raiders for real money


Spin Jackpot Raiders slot with real money:

  1. Click on the +/- coin button to select a 0.005 – 2.00 coin
  2. Tap the spin button on Jackpot Raiders screen
  3. Play-through any triggered bonus features
  4. Spin a new round


How to play Jackpot Raiders for free


 Spin the free Jackpot Raiders slot demo:

  1. Select bet by tapping the coin -/+ tab from 0.005 to 2.00
  2. Don't worry about the paylines – all 20 always spin
  3. Tap the spin button to spin the reels and play the round
  4. Use the Autospin function by the spin button to play 10-1000 rounds

Conclusions About Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders slot is an exciting adventure game that ranks alongside Ozwin's Jackpots and Jackpot Express, when it comes to the features and jackpot potential. This is a great looking game that has an an arcade video slot style and is absolutely crammed with bonus features and jackpot chances. The feeling of immersion is great – you visually track your progress towards the Jackpot Free Spins!


You can spin into this raid for riches by selecting a spin size between €0.10 - €40, with low volatility supporting good value gaming and plenty of winning spins in a typical session of 100+ spins. You can set the game to Autospin and set-up a max spent limit to ensure you stick to fun and safe gaming.


In addition to eight base game symbols creating an average hit rate over 28%, triggering the bonuses in Jackpot Raiders really sets the game alive with the chance of multipliers, free spins, pick-and-click prizes, interactive fun and the potential to play for one or more of the five jackpots. The jackpots range from a minimum of €40 to €15,000 – with an expected drop of €100,000 on the Legendary Jackpot!

FAQ about Jackpot Raiders

Learn more about this game from frequently asked question from players!
Jackpot Raiders enables you to potentially win payouts via the base games and bonus rounds – but also via the separate jackpot pool. The game paysout for spinning 3-5 of the same symbol on the reels, with wins based you triggering bet size, with the biggest win on the max bet potentially creating wins as big as €164,000. The five jackpots have minimum payout levels of €40 on level one to €15,000 on level five – with an expected drop of €100,000 on the Legendary Jackpot!
The return-to-player (RTP) of Jackpot Raiders slot is 96.3% with a mid-high volatility rating of 27 and an average base game hit rate of just over 28%. Each bet that every player places, moves 3.8% of the stake into the jackpot pool. Jackpot Raiders has fair payout levels but it based on random luck – so always play safely with a fun session limit.
Jackpot Raiders slot can be given a test spin with our free Jackpot Raiders demo game. Another option is to sign-up with a top online casinos that features the slot, and play some demo spins or use free bonus cash.
You can claim casino welcome bonuses and use your funds to get free Jackpot Raiders spins. Jackpot Raiders slots also has free spin bonuses rounds, including on the jackpot, meaning you can get lots of value for money if you trigger the bonuses.

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